Rider Safety

Hand Signals

Start Your Engines

To indicate that you’re ready to go, place your hand (right or left) on top of the windshield. If you don’t have a windshield, raise your hand. This tells the leader that your engine is running and you’re ready to ride.

Slow Down

Use either arm, straight down and palm toward the back. Move your arm back and forth at the elbow.

Hazard on the Road

Point with left hand at the object. Sometimes in group riding, the road captain may wave his left arm back and forth above his head to alert the rest of the group. The road captain is the only person who should perform this maneuver.

Need Gas

When you need gas, point at the gas tank.

Need Food

When you need a food or a break in general, point at your mouth.

Turn Signals

Most bikes have turn signals – use them. Hand signals used in conjunction with turn signals give everyone in the group and other traffic a clear idea of your intentions.